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About Us

Southwest Medical Thermal Imaging & Ultrasound, LLC is a uniquely integrative clinic; offering the best of physiology and functional testing with thermography and structural screening with diagnostic medical ultrasound. Each of these modalities is noninvasive and radiation free

We use only current state of the art software and FDA cleared thermography camera that is designed and manufactured specifically for medical application. This has given medical thermography global recognition as an invaluable adjunctive diagnostic tool for the past 30 years. All of our thermographers have been clinically certified and your results will be reviewed and interpreted by Board Certified MD Thermologists.

Cutting-edge technology extends to our diagnostic medical ultrasound as well. We utilize a high performance system with advanced imaging capabilities. Our sonographers are all ARDMS certified, and the images are read by a Board Certified MD Radiologist.

Our exam and reporting procedures are fully HIPAA compliant. You will receive a copy of your report, complete with all color thermographic and sonographic images. Included as well is the interpreting doctor’s objective opinion and recommendations if relevant.  We strongly promote the involvement of your physician and can forward the results to the practitioner of your choice for his or her clinical correlation.* We can also facilitate a conference between your doctor and the reviewing MD Thermologist and/or MD Radiologist.   

While we always encourage the involvement of your practitioner or health care professional, no referrals are needed for our services.

*Additional fees apply for multiple copies of reports and images.