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Southwest Medical Thermal Imaging & Ultrasound, LLC solely uses the Meditherm med 2000 system. FDA cleared thermography camera device that was designed and manufactured exclusively for medical application. The Meditherm med2000 maximizes the potential of thermography for the best possible adjunctive diagnosis to aid treatment by delivering medical grade sensitivity and specificity. The Meditherm med2000 has a 20 year history of successful performance and the reliability of the Meditherm system has been proven worldwide.

*The only thermography system specifically designed and calibrated for optimal operation in the narrow temperature range of metabolic heat and therefore physiologic function and can focus on region of interest from 2 inches to infinity while still detecting 100% of the body’s emitted infrared radiation.

*The efficient internal reference temperature of the Med2000 Iris and the auto correction with unique agile processing technology eliminates the problems of thermal drift suffered by other cameras. This permits less critical protocols without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.

* Each thermogram displays 64,000 different temperatures displayed as pixels. We achieve the most accurate readings because each pixel is an individually referenced measurement which can be compared to any other pixel within an image, image to image, and comparisons over time. This ability is crucial when monitoring the progression of a disease or recovery from an injury.


What is the difference between the Meditherm Med2000 and other infrared cameras?


Most FPA systems are designed primarily for industrial use and detect temperatures from 0°C to well over 150°C so the sensitivity of the detector array is spread over a much wider potential temperature range, (Temperature difference from hottest to coldest or the window of temperatures detected) Although this range can be adjusted it is the automatic averaging of the hottest and coldest measurements recorded throughout the whole image which are constantly changing that cause problems and further confuse the results.  

Meditherm med2000™ is designed and calibrated for optimal operation in the narrow temperature range pertinent to, and specific for detecting and recording metabolic heat (10°C – 40°C).

The Meditherm med2000™ can apply specific and stable temperature ranges necessary for diagnosis during or after scanning.

The actual picture of the patient seen with FPA is a ‘colormap’ divided throughout the total range of temperature seen by the array. The colors that are used in the thermogram are divided throughout the whole range of temperatures detected, i.e. the background around the patient will be using up some of the allocated colors (and sensitivity), hence a loss of specificity. Features like ‘edge enhancement’ are also used at the expense of specificity.   Thermal mapping is more accurate with the Meditherm scanning technology because each pixel is an individual temperature measurement (sensitive to 0.01°C ) that can be compared to any other pixel, the Meditherm med2000™ can and does apply its total color range, (and range of temperature) to the patient alone which gives us far more sensitivity and specificity!
Industrial FPA technology is not as suitable for medical applications because of its averaging of groups of pixels in order to handle the ‘bad’ pixels, thermograms produced with un-cooled FPA also suffer from ‘thermal drift’ and poor range control.   The accuracy and reliability (repeatability) that the Meditherm med2000™ achieves is in part due to the efficiency of the thermoelectric cooling of the detector, (our system does not suffer from the problems of ‘thermal drift’ as do some un-cooled cameras).
To achieve usable results with an industrial FPA very strict operating protocols have to be followed.   This isn’t always easy in practice, but the increased sensitivity and specificity provided by the Meditherm med2000™ allows you to still record accurate images with far less critical protocols.
The optics used with industrial FPA systems actually reduce their detection accuracy as these lenses can stop from 10% to 20% of infrared radiation being detected.   Meditherm med2000™ does not rely on lenses but can focus a region of interest from 2″ to infinity while still detecting 100% of infrared radiation.
Using a small handheld industrial FPA camera each image is viewed in a proprietary format, which requires processing with industrial software.   Meditherm med2000™ instantly saves each image to the laptop or PC with no intermediary steps. Image manipulation and statistical data is instantly available for each and every image whether saved or not.
Thermograms produced by the Meditherm med2000™ are stored as TIFF images, which can be accessed and manipulated with a wide range of off-the-shelf application software.


For our diagnostic medical ultrasound services, we use the Alpinion E-Cube i7.  The i7 utilizes cutting edge technology and advance software to provide high performance, high quality images.  Features include:

Crystal Signature TM-high class single crystal transducer that provides more accurate readings

Advanced Spatial Compounding Imaging (SCI)

Harmonic Imaging (FTHI/PITHI)

Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI/FullSRITM)

Tissue Doppler Imaging

Software Technologies

Needle VisionTM XpeedTM

(Auto Image Optimization)

Auto IMT measurement


Panoramic Imaging