Zero Radiation Is Non-Invasive, Painless And FDA Cleared

Thermography has zero radiation is non-invasive, painless and FDA cleared. A simple test of physiology and function that looks for thermal abnormalities in the body to indicate early or established disease processes or pathology. DITI also excels in monitoring rehabilitation to treatments or therapies.

Head and Neck views include sinuses, arteries, dental, thyroid, lymphatic, and autonomic as well as any indications of inflammation or infection that can affect the immune system.

Abdominal findings include colon inflammation that can indicate IBS, leaky gut, diverticulitis and other risk factors that justify colonoscopy or preventative treatment.

Neck, Back, Upper and Lower Extremities benefit from thermography as it is a useful tool in pain investigations in difficult to diagnose referred pain syndromes caused by myofascial trigger points, spinal, neurological and vascular entrapment dysfunctions, pre diabetic conditions and vascular insufficiencies.

Every report is interpreted by a certified doctor. A standard region of interest exam takes approximately 15 minutes. Full body exams take from 30 minutes to complete.

Single Region of Interest $200

Upper Body Scan $375

Lower Body Scan $375

*Thermography pricing includes interpretation of the images with Medical Doctors and/or Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine that are board certified by the American College of Clinical Thermology. Each client receives a copy of their report and images electronically, as well as the option to have the report and images sent to one physician of their choosing.