How Is Your Immune System Functioning?

 An important part of preventive and monitoring strategy is working with your health care provider to address issues that could be compromising your immune health. Weakened immune systems are more susceptible to disease such as COVID-19. Vulnerable or higher risk adults with underlying medical issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer are more likely to suffer with the effects of post viral infections and vaccine syndromes that can be difficult to diagnose. An immune health study can be a first level indicator of physiological changes relating to existing or developing autoimmune dysfunction. This is a non invasive risk assessment for those at high risk post COVID infection or vaccine, as well as those who have been feeling under the weather without any known cause identified.

DITI has the ability to evaluate and monitor many of the markers relating to autonomic dysfunction and other burdens on the immune system. Helping your immune system function at optimum levels can minimize the symptoms of infections and disease and lead to quicker recovery times.

Immune Health Check $200