Breast Thermography

Every woman after puberty develops her own breast patterns. These patterns are unique to her and should not change. These patterns are referred to as a thermal fingerprint or a thermal signature. Only a developing pathology will effect a change to a woman’s breast patterns.

Pricing $185-$200

Immune Health Check

How is your immune system functioning? An important part of preventive and monitoring strategy is working with your health care provider to address issues that could be compromising your immune health.

Pricing $200

Women’s Health Check

All women can benefit from the Women’s Health Check screening. The WHC was conceptualized and designed with women’s health concerns in mind.

Pricing $350

Full Body Imaging

Thermography has zero radiation is non invasive, painless and FDA cleared. A simple test of physiology and function that looks for thermal abnormalities in the body to indicate early or established disease processes or pathology.

Pricing $375-$475


Ultrasound is safe and painless. Images are produced by introducing sound waves through a transducer into tissue, then reflected back to the transducer. Because different tissues reflect sound waves differently, images can give an accurate picture of anatomy and pathology.

Pricing $285